Registration Renewal Fees in Washington

When you renew or replace Washington Car Registration documentation, you have to pay certain fees that have been established by the state. These include vehicle registration fees, service fees, gross weight fees and more. Additionally, if you choose to renew your registration online with our digital service, you will have to pay our required agency charge. For a full list of the fees you may incur when renewing your registration, take a look at the sections below:  

Vehicle Registration Fee:

  • The minimum renewal charge for passenger cars in Washington is $30.
  • Online orders processed through the state also incur a $3 filing fee and other processing charges.

Fee for Service:

  • Each car registration renewal in Washington requires payment of a $5 service fee.

Fee Based on Gross Weight:

  • Additional registration fees are also levied on certain vehicles based on their gross weight. The typical gross weight fee is between $30 and $100, but larger commercial automobiles or trucks can incur even higher charges.

Vehicle Excise Tax From the Regional Transit Authority:

  • If your vehicle is located in Pierce County, King County or Snohomish County, you must pay an excise tax based on your vehicle’s value when you renew its registration. The tax is $30 for every $10,000 that your automobile is worth.

Electric Vehicle Fee:

  • Electric vehicles require an additional registration fee of $150.

License Plate Fee (if you need a plate):

  • In the event you require a new license plate, you will also have to pay a $20 plate fee.  

Our Third-Party Agency Fee:

  • requires a $29.95 agency fee to process your vehicle registration renewal online on your behalf. You are not required to pay this agency fee if you decide to renew your registration through the official portal of the state of Washington. In any case, by paying our agency fee, you will be able to process your renewal online while receiving added benefits. You will gain access to our customer service team, which offers phone and email support, as well as live chat agents. Also, you will receive error-free processing, and you will be given access to a 60-day Roadside Assistance Program Trial.

Credit Card Authorization Estimate:

  • If you renew your registration online with our services, you will receive an estimate on the checkout page. This estimate is based on all of the details you have provided, including where your vehicle is registered, the automobile type and more. Upon completion of the transaction, your credit card will be authorized for the amount provided in the estimate. In any case, the final amount that you are billed for may vary slightly from the estimate amount when the transaction is finally processed through the state department.

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